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our MetaMinds team team is ready to take you to the next level with full strategic expertise. From concept to MaaS platform deployment.
Gamifications and Incentivization
Create gamification and incentivization models that allow you to better engage with your user-base virtually through the metaverse
Web3 Loyalty and Rewards program
Enhance your loyalty and rewards program with personalised experiences and updated point-redemption models that make use of the dynamic web3 and metaverse ecosystem
Localisation of Metaverse
Tailor your metaverse experience to your target demographics(s) through localisation of metaverse content and experiences.
PpOc (Private Proof of Concept)
We believe that testing and feedback - both internal and external are important aspects of any go to market strategy especially when it involves new technology and strategic use cases for the market.
Metaverse Integration Support
Integrate the metaverse and spatial web within your business functions by creating metaverse environments that support physical processes. Examples are CRM, ecommerce and HR integrations.
Metaverse environment design
Building a metaverse environment requires both an interior & exterior strategy that is a representative of the brand identity and the user journey. Our team of architects and interior designers will work with you to bring the brand story and assets to life.
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